The following list is of the episodes in the first series of ITV and CITV television series My Phone Genie, which stars Adam Wadsworth, Bessie Cursons, Haruka Abe, Fox Jackson-Keen, Heather Nicol, Lothaire Gérard and Ethan Hammer.

Series 1 Edit

  1. Serve and Protect
  2. Home Movie
  3. It's a Jungle in Here
  4. Growing Pains
  5. The Sleepover
  6. Talk to the Hair
  7. Cheat
  8. Pene's Perfect Date
  9. Garage Band
  10. The Exciting Life of Jaz
  11. Clever
  12. The Party
  13. Double Losers (end of first half)
  14. Side FX (first of second half)
  15. Jaz Plastic
  16. Unfriend Me
  17. Upgrades
  18. Sisters
  19. Saving Face
  20. Parents' Day
  21. Indoor Activities
  22. Grounded
  23. Technical Hitch
  24. Superheroes
  25. Dumb and Dummy
  26. Mobbsy's Girlfriend

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