The My Phone Genie Wiki has transcript articles for all My Phone Genie episodes released. This page is for understanding how to read them and edit them.

Rules and styles Edit

Please follow the following rules when editing transcript articles.

  • Stick to the defined layout. If you are unfamiliar how to work with the transcripts, just use what is already existing for reference.
    Dialogues exists inside <poem> tags, to allow for them breaking when next to each other.
    <poem>'''Speaker''': Dialogue.</poem>
    Dialogue may include attributes and descriptions. Attributes, such as "reading" or "singing" are not in italics, but descriptions are.
    <poem>'''Speaker''': [attribute] Dialogue. ''[Description.]'' More dialogue.</poem>
    Note: The descriptions only appear in text when it is in the middle of a sentence, should the person not continue to talk, it will be a new line with the description. Also, descriptions of scenes, cut to's, flashbacks and the like cannot exist inside a dialogue, despite if it is the same person talking in the new scene.
    Description are prefixed by a ":", which keeps it indented, to appear different from the dialogue.
    :''[This a description.]''
    Notice that the description is always in italics. If it is a special kind of description, such as a new scene or a cut to or a montage, it will start with this in bold.
    :''['''Scene''': Scene name.  Scene description.]''
    Some scenes starts with a location name, others don't. Only included when the name is available. Flashbacks are special as well, as they start in non-italics, but not bold.
    :''[''Flashback.'' Scene description.]''
  • Keep it British English. My Hero is a British TV Show, and as such, British English will be used.

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